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Give Your Home the Cleaning It Deserves

Are your carpets looking a little dingy and dirty? We can help transform them back to their former glory. Innovative Carpet Cleaning offers residential carpet cleaning services to homeowners in and around Mt Laurel Township & Medford, NJ. We only use eco- and pet-friendly products, to protect your family from harsh chemicals. Our trusty cleaner can also get any and all stains out of your carpets, even Kool-Aid.

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Learn about our 7-step process

Our top-notch carpet cleaner expert has developed a foolproof carpet cleaning method that guarantees cleaner carpets in as little as two hours.

We will:

Protect your house and furniture with canvas
Conduct a pre-inspection walk-through
Pre-vacuum and pre-treat your carpets
Treat your carpets with a CRB agitation
Use a hot water extraction technique
Fiber rinse your carpets
Do a post-cleaning inspection